Fantastic Adventures: False Bottom Creek Essay

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The way nature works is a very interesting study that one can do. The research that was done at False Bottom Creek was no exception to that statement. The diversity in plant life was quite surprising and so was the amount of human activity in that area. A large amount of observations, note taking, and pictures were taken in our four visits to False Bottom Creek. But before we can go into greater detail about the plants, animals, and visits we first have to explain how to arrive at our ecosystem.
First we’ll have to start from the Spearfish High School parking lot. You will head straight past the tennis courts. Then turn right at the stop sign onto Hillsview Road. On Hillsview you will head straight to the stop light and then
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If you go right, you will pass a tent, and as you get closer to the fence you will get to another tree that has a board along it as well. That is another boundary to the site. The other boundaries are the creek and the hill.
We tried to visit our spot every two weeks which we were able to do except for our fourth visit where we only waited one week and six days due to conflicting plans. Each visit lasted from 4:00pm to 4:30pm. In those 30 minutes observations were made, notes taken, and sometimes the removal of organisms for further studying. We made our first visit on March 28, 2014 there wasn’t much to look at other than the snow covered ground, the various trees and little bits of vegetation. It was a cold 32 degrees Fahrenheit or zero degrees Celsius perfect for supporting snow. There were more signs of humans than there was nature. The fact that a tent was setup in our spot and there was lots of rusted piece of metal and rusted tools. Also there were two large burn piles left by humans. The creek bed was dry on our first visit there so there wasn’t a water source present on our first visit unless the organisms used the snow for a source. The second visit was two weeks after the first on Friday April 11, 2014. The weather was pretty good for South Dakota at that time of the year; it was a temperate 66 degrees Fahrenheit or 19 degrees Celsius. All of the melting snow resulted in the creek having a steady flow of water. There was a small

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