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Family Subsystem Genogram

Helen Buckman is one of four children of Frank and Martha Buckman. Helen is a bank manager. She has two children Julie and Garry. Julie is seventeen and Garry is fourteen. She is divorced from her husband Ed, who is a dentist. Ed has remarried and started another family with his current wife. Ed has little contact with Helen or their children (Gazer & Howard, 1989). Julie Buckman is the typical teenage girl. She is intelligent and scored a 1300 on her SAT. She also has a boyfriend named Todd. Her mother disapproves of this relationship, because it interferes with her plans for her daughter. This is a great source of conflict between Julie and her mother. After an argument with her
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All the children except the youngest are career oriented. Frank had a terrible childhood and left home during his teen years. He has a drinking problem, which he exhibited at each of his children's weddings. He loves his cigars. His relationship with his wife is controlling and abusive at times. Helen's mother is quiet. She has been a homemaker almost all of her life. She is submissive to Frank. , she is supportive and loving towards her family. The three older siblings seem supportive of each other. They all seem to have issues with their youngest sibling. They feel that their father and mother have spoiled him. Despite the issues that exist, they do love each other much. They are each active in spending time together for weekend cookouts, birthdays, and holidays. This includes their parents and grandmother. They have a strong sense of taking care of each other shown by helping care for their grandmother. Two strengths given to the children are good work ethics, strong sense of family, and love for one another. Communication remains a weakness with each other and their own families. , Helen has a unique situation. Her siblings are not at her stage in life yet. They have not experienced adolescence or divorce within their families. They are at a loss of how to help Helen. Helen's family has suffered a great loss. The roles have changed. In this process, her family has turned in a chaotic mess with communication. Everyone is busy doing

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