Essay on Fall in and Who’s for the game?

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Fall in and Who’s for the game?

These two examples of poems are typical of the war propaganda of the period, they are propaganda posters to make normal people get up, tell their friends and to join the army, navy or RAF. They try to embarrass people who like to be masculine and question their masculinity; this makes them prove to people that they are a man so they go to fight in the war. The poem teases unmasculine men and tries to make them feel bad for not going to fight.

Harold Begbie exclaims that all the MEN who fight in the war will be praised in the street, women will love them (which is not true if they are severely handicapped), everyone will ignore you if you don’t go and everyone who does will be heroes. Men
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SONNY is used to patronise the reader, to make him feel unworthy of being a big strong man but more like a little boy who’s just a bit of a joke. SONNY is used to make a man try to prove himself and go join up. The author creates a feeling of everyone else will be talking of the war and become popular but you will be ashamed because you did not go and you will try and avoid everyone so they wont know. Normal people rushed out to beat the foe which means they left with no hesitation or worries and knew they’d be back anyway really quickly.
The author says when you are old you will tell your children and grandchildren of exiting war stories and adventures. But if you’re too much of coward not to join even your children and grandchildren will be ashamed and embarrassed.

The painting on the front shows a woman guiding a young man to where he should be going, the old lady wants the young man to fight as she’s to old but its his duty, it feels like the lady is pressuring the man to join up, he doesn’t want to see the look of disappointment on her face if he says no.

The effects of these poems is that people get mislead into believing the war will be over really quickly, you’ll get good pay, really nice uniforms, travel all over the world, meet nice people. If you don’t go then your great country will be taken over by horrible people and everything will be ruined.

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