Failure of Removing Social Barriers for People with Disabilities at Workplace in Canada

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In Canada, about 4.2 million people with disabilities are in the labour force (Persons). It is no secret that there is a significant discrepancy between the unemployment rate for the disabled and abled people. People with disabilities has been facing reduced wage and benefit at workplace as well (Galarneau 5). In fact, the society has been paying constant awareness to the intention of eliminating such discrimination acts. For instance, Canadian government and some public agencies provide certain types of work assistance that aim to help their clients to secure employment and retain the employment in the future as well. Not to mention the anti-discrimination law practice as well. However, there is lack of understanding why
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Also, this research will refer to some scholarly work regarding receiving work assistance and implicit disablism in workplace.
Discriminating mentality from employers
In Canada, we have legislation to impose regulation for anti-discrimination acts at workplace .We might ask a question, what motivation would an employer have to hire a person with disability instead of a “normal applicants” if a regular office assistant is only needed? There has almost no feasible research can be done to study the implicit disablism mentality from employers. One key point we have to realize, the power of regulations is very limited in terms of fighting people’s thoughts. Some employers would question about the qualification of the disabled people. As Spoonydoc, a former mathematics researcher and now a disability activism, mentioned in her blog, the first job interview she was asked “if [she] was sure [she] was up to the job” (Spoonydoc). This might have to do with the general perception that people with disabilities tend to have lower education, or even unintentionally link to the concept of capability. Less Productivity is often related compare to “the normals”. Damon Rose’s - A BBC feature writer - “Today is Blogging Against Disablism Day” gives us another possible answer: “[D]isablism is mistaken for kindness”, employers do not hire people with

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