Facts about Abortion Essay

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GCSE English: non fiction writing. Choose either a topic or a person as the basis for your writing. If a topic, research all aspects of the issue and then write about it in your own words. Include your own views, with reasons. If a person, give reasons for your choice and say why you think he or she is important. Minimum of 600 words.

My project is about Abortion: I have chosen to do it about abortion because I think it is a very serious topic and it is a subject that I feel very strongly about. There are a lot of arguments for and against abortion. In this project I will write about the basic facts and what women/girls should do if they are ever in that sort of situation.

Abortion is a deliberate end of a pregnancy, so that it
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If you decide to seek an abortion, you should firstly go to your doctor. If the doctor agrees to your request you would normally be referred to a local NHS hospital and seen by another doctor, who, if agreeable to the abortion, will make the agreements for your admission to hospital. In some cases [partly depending on where you live] NHS facilities may not be available for abortion and you may be referred to either a non profit making clinic dealing with abortion or a private clinic. In these circumstances you may have to pay for the abortion.

What does abortion involve?

In the first nine weeks of pregnancy you may be able to take pills to bring an abortion to an end or in the first three months you could have a surgical operation which is a very simple procedure carried out either under local or general anaesthetic. If the abortion is carried out in a day care unit, you could be out of hospital the same day. In other places you may have to stay overnight. If you are later in to the abortion, the simpler techniques may not be possible and you will have to stay in hospital a little longer.

To get an abortion on the NHS, a women needs to be referred by a doctor. This can be her own GP, or a doctor at a local family planning clinic. If a doctor has a moral objection to abortion, he or she does not have to get involved. However he or she should explain this to their patient and also make arrangements for her to go and see another doctor. It

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