Exterminating Poverty and Hunger Essay

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MDG #1

The first Millennium Development Goals (MDG) is to eradicate poverty and hunger from a country. There are three parts to the goal. The quintessential step that the UN must take is to decrease the percentage of people who are living only on $1,25 a day by fifty percent. The second step is to balance employment rates of females and young people by twenty-five percent. The third part states that by 2015 the number of people suffering from food shortage and hunger will be decreased by 50 percent. Around the world, an estimated amount of 870 million people are in a shortage of food. More than 500 children below the age of 5 lack the nutrients they need. This is the first MDG and we will correlate it in terms of Zimbabwe.
Poverty and
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The Human Development Indicator (HDI) and Human Poverty Index (HPI) has shown that Zimbabwe’s amount of deaths have increased between 1995 and 2009. The HPI fell drastically in Zimbabwe and most have connected this predicament to the food shortages in Zimbabwe. As of 2003, the unemployment rate in Zimbabwe is about 63% and greater quantities of unemployment is found in women and one plausible explanation is for this is the dominance of men in the Zimbabwean nation. In order to achieve this goal there are several things that the country needs to fix.
One of the first actions that Zimbabwe needs to do is improve its transportation systems. Its roads and traffic system are in a very poor condition. Therefore it is necessary for Zimbabwe to better several streets and create up-to-standards roads for transportation. The government should support the reformation of land in the country, as it would lead to efficient transportation of goods and the exponential increase of capital and finance for the country. Not only transportation systems a main problem so is protection for visitors.
Zimbabwe’s protection for immigrants and travelers is one of the main concerns of the country’s system. Due to this fact other countries are not interested in helping Zimbabwe. Thus less and less number of people wants to travel there as well. This creates a problem in both lack of food and tourism. Its government should

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