Expressions of American Identity Essay

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Throughout our everyday entertainment the identity of an American is defined as being based on the commitment to individual beliefs, ideas and goals, but all are founded upon one American ideal; the protection of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. One form of entertainment that expresses the identity of Americans can be found at the movie theater. Although, there are many different genres such as thriller, inspirational, non-fiction, “chick-flick” they all have a theme or lesson the viewer is supposed to learn. The truly inspirational Oscar-winning American film, “The Blind Side”, is based on the true story in which the unfamiliar Tuohy family takes in Michael Oher, a young but big boy. What started as a gesture of kindness …show more content…
The men identified in the photograph became celebrities to the public, supporting the war and its troops. This undoubtedly represents the identity of an American, commitment to fighting for the beliefs of our people and nation. (Rosenthal) Many people came to America in hope of the American dream such as freedom and opportunity to succeed in life. People preached and talked about what it takes to be free and how to make the best out of the opportunities given to them. Martin Luther King Jr. was a major advocate for black rights and equality in our nation. In 1963 King gave the “I have a Dream” Speech on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial. In his speech King argues that our nation needs to come together as one for we can never achieve our nations fullest opportunity divided. He calls for the stop of unjustifiable discrimination of people by the color of their skin and ancestors. This is a clear example of the American identity; people standing up for what they believe and people joining in to protect the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. (King) Expressions of American identity can also be found in a bookstore within the many pages of books. Like movies, books are written to communicate with others; we can learn lessons about people, relationships, other places, and the world. In Scott Westerfeld’s “Uglies” trilogy, a

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