Exploring the Relationship Between Fashion and Dance Essay

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Having been a dancer for several years and a budding fashion designer, it has always eluded me why there is rarely a clear direct link between the two. Occassionally, dance dabbles in fashion, seeping in through sportswear and some flashy television commercials, but it’s rare to find any more depth in it. Fashion appears to found in dance, but most of this comes in the form of costumes for shows. My own experience of semi-professional urban dance styles only touches the surface of dance as a whole, and by no means is a fair representation of it, but it’s enough to have intrigued me to find out more. I hope to look at how dance and fashion compares side by side, looking at the differences and similarites. Why, from my point of view, is …show more content…
The evolution of western society has meant that dance has been been socially refined to specific places. In the modern day serious dance is only associated with theatre and monetary gains. More casual styles commonly take place in social situations such as clubs. Other cultures still use dance for rituals as part of traditions. There are infinite styles, each with it’s own place in different cultures and times in history. Because dance is an arrangement of something (here, movement) used to evoke or express an emotion, it is also an art form.
So far there are some similarites however each are relatively vague and do not clearly show how the two do or do not work together. Both change with culture and are forms of expression. In the same way that dance has choreographers, fashion has designers, and in the same way dancers interpret the music and choreography, people stylize their clothing. Perhaps the significant difference is already evident in the words I’ve chosen. In the world of dance, there are dancers, but in the world of fashion, there are people. This perhaps, suggests that fashion is for everyone, and dance is almost specific to certain members of the population, more of a career or hobby. It is almost impossible and unimagineable for anyone in the west to have no connection to fashion. They may not have direct influences from the high fashion designers, but any clothing that is worn has at some level been

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