Exploring Teacher Pay Incentives Essay

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This study analyzes four articles’ study findings as well as authors’ conclusion on the teachers’ incentive pay issue based on the studies presented by the authors. Those articles include Steele, Murname and Willnett (2009) that seek to analyze the effect of incentives on teachers’ retention. In the article, a natural experiment done in California between the year 2000 and 2003 involving an incentive of $20,000 that was called the Governor’s Teaching Fellowship (GTF) analyzes the incentives’ effect on talented teachers’ attraction and retention in low-performing schools. In addition, Fryer (2011) is the other article presenting an analysis of teacher’s incentives’ effect on students’ success in terms of attendance, academic performance or …show more content…
In that respect, teachers’ payments in the USA and many other places are determined by a standard pay system that provides a pay scale which establishes public schools teachers’ pay on a basis of education level and skills. However, there has been the introduction of incentive pay in the US education system with state governments and district education authorities devising incentive pay systems. The beginning of the 20 century had a significant application of the system, but that were declining towards the 21st Century, with only 12% of the public schools employing an incentive pay in 1993 as compared to 41% in 1918. In addition, some states including Florida have sought to enforce the system. That involves a requirement that school districts should provide 5% of the total salary funds to be used for performance rewards. Therefore, the State through the education board approved the performance based pay that led to some school districts as Denver to overhaul the whole of their pay system to incorporate the performance pay system. However, that development has only been backed by research and surveys on factors that influence schools

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