Exploring Relationship to Self and Others Essay

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The purpose of this paper is to explore relationships, which emerge, between self and others. As a foundation for understanding, “what it means to be a human being?” I will investigate the theory of the self, focusing on the philosopher Martin Heidegger. Heidegger depicts the human “being”, which he refers to as “Dasein” meaning, “to be there” (Solomon 1972), as an entity that can only be described by its relationship with the world and its environment. He talks about the interties between the tangible day-to-day world and the development of what is described as a human being (Warnock 1970). To have a clearer perspective of the “human being” it is important to understand man’s past as well as the present. Carl G Jung explores self …show more content…
At a time in earliest infancy when there was no perception of dependence, we were absolutely dependent." (D. W. Winnicott, 1987: 10)

Following on from Winnicott’s infant development, I will be exploring John Bowlby’s Attachment Theory. His “observations of children separated from their parents enabled him to establish once and for all the importance of environmental trauma as a cause of neurosis and character disturbance” (J. Holmes 1993:5) Bowlby’s theory helps to illuminate varies implementations caused by broken relationships predominantly with the parent. In hope of answering the question why do human being form relationships? Drawing from my own experiences I will be able to comment on practical ways the arts can be used on a daily base.

Psychotherapy is primarily based on the understanding of the human being. Each practice will have an understanding of the mind, Child development, change and a personality structure. Due to the subjective nature of mankind, no one theory holds the complete understanding of human behavior. As trainee integrative arts Psychotherapist, integrating theories would seem to be the most logical approach to fully understanding human beings. Although, Freud Is considered being the founder of psychoanalyst even within his own theories

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