Exploring Love Attitudes in Poetry Essay

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Exploring Love Attitudes in Poetry


The poems that I have chosen are: 'To his coy mistress' by Andrew Marvell. 'Sonnets 18 by William Shakespeare, and 'To the virgins, to make much of time' by Robert Herrick.

All the above poems are poems about the subject of love. Each poem is very passionate and complex in nature when you initially read it for the first time and consequently they have stood the test of time and lasted hundreds of years. This portrays a conclusion to what some poets say because they express how the poems will last forever. There are many various themes used throughout the poems. Time, beauty, praise for the beloved and how love can be confused by lust are
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However he contradicts this in the second and third stanzas and shows his change of tone with a 'but'. This implies that something is not quite correct and then proceeds to explain what is wrong. He insists that if his mistress does not take her chance now, it will forever be too late, stating "Thy beauty shall no more be found" and that there will not be any affection after death. Once again the theme of this poem reminds us that time waits for no man and as if by stealth catches up with us all, its passing is unavoidable. Time is "hurrying near" and while she is still young and attractive, Marvell's' mistress should "sport…..while (she) may"

In 'To the virgins" Herrick also strongly emphasis on the theme of 'Carpe diem' However, he is unconcerned with having sex, he wants the subjects of his poem to Marry and have children. He is anxious that when the youth pass their "prime" they will "forever tarry," but instead they should utilise their time wisely and "while ye may go marry". In the second line of the first stanza he writes "old time is still flying". This can be compared with the line in 'His coy mistress' "times winged chariot hurry near" Both use the analogy of flying. Flying portrays the

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