Essay about Exploring International Facility Management

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International Facility Management Association (IFMA) describes the management of facility is the practice of coordinating the people and the work of an organization into the physical workplace.

In this organization, the person who leading to sustain and improve the functionality of complex buildings called ‘Facilities Managers’. Often not controlled by them directly, but by the team of specialists they can effectively plan for the future in limited resource of money, space or technology.

In this critical review paper, I will review the role, duties and responsibilities of the Facilities Manager and study the difference between Hong Kong and United Kingdom.

Background to facilities management
There are a few of definitions
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Finally six areas are contracted to Procord to manage: cleaning; security; catering; mail; mechanical maintenance; and building maintenance. In this case, it has resulted in the following benefits:
- Reforming of supplier contracts, simplify outsourcing structure, increase efficiencies and cost savings over£600,000 in a single year.
- Developed a full-scale, fair performance management system.
- Providing effective asset control, increased building occupancy of 12 per cent, reducing wastage of unused area.

Source: Jack (1994)

Facilities management functions in United Kingdom
For the organization, facilities management in UK means:

- Creating a facilities policy that expresses corporate values;
- Giving the authority to the facilities management unit to improve service quality;
- Developing facilities to meet business objectives;
- Recognizing the value that facilities add to the business.

Source: Alexander (2003)

The facilities manager role
In this complicated organization, facilities manager should possess, together with the core skills related to managing operational building assets, mean that it is reasonable to suggest that the facilities management role could be extended to include responsibility for project delivery. (Brown et al., 2001)

The facilities manager needs to have a detailed knowledge of what building projects must achieve in order that they can

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