Exploring How President Hoover Dealt with the Economic Problems During the Great Depression

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During the Great Depression the task of being president of the United States became even greater, because of the suffering economy. Herbert Hoover was one of the president’s who was faced with this challenge. In fact, he was President during the time of the stock market crash. During his time as president there were many controversies that surrounded him. Many people felt that he wjhnot reaching his full potential as president through some of the things he helped organize in order to help the struggling economy. In actuality, he was doing more than others before him for the economy, but unfortunately it was not enough and what little help he did provide came too late. Part of the reason he acted too late was, because of his opinions and …show more content…
The theory is that in order to fix the economy, companies who are the most profitable in the country would be given a break in their taxes so that they could make a larger profit and later invest re-invest in the economy. Although, many did not think that this theory would work, another modern president did try and use it. This president was Ronald Regan. President Regan wanted to give tax cuts to the rich, thinking that in order to fix the economy, it was best to begin at the top or the wealthiest. He thought that if they began at the top and worked downward than the economy would begin to be more successful. Even though Herbert Hoover did have views and opinions on how to go about fixing the economy, there were many ways he did try to help the economy.
“Hoover did more to reverse the hard times than any other president.”(Davidson 750) Meaning, during the Great Depression Herbert Hoover had tried to help fix the economy more than anyone who was President. Unfortunately, there was a lot of work that still needed to be done and he waited too long to begin this work. Since the stock market had crashed during his time as president it was also difficult to know when and where to begin the work that needed to be accomplished. Eventually, President Hoover began to work on the economy by doing things such as helping to set up soup kitchens for struggling families who were unable to afford food. These were helpful, because families who were struggling

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