Exploring How Media Technology Impacts the Cognitive Development of Children

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I could remember sitting in the living room at my aunt’s house after getting out the bus from kindergarten. She would feed me lunch and after I ate all of my chicken nuggets, I could turn on the TV before I took a nap. There was always something on that was interesting to watch. A lot of them definitely had a lot of color schemes and fast paced stuff. Gullah Gullah Island was one of my favorites. It was broadcasted as a thirty-minute episode that had a giant hopping yellow muppet frog that was funny. It had a tropical theme, happy and bubbly music, and happy people living their happy lives. They would portray different actions that happened in real life. Most of the actions were bad. The actions came with consequences or a moral …show more content…
News is a big part of our society. The news warns us about storms heading our way or who is in the running to be the next president. Without it, we wouldn’t know what was happening in other places like how the war is going in Iraq. It is used to educate people about animals on the Animal Planet and how storms develop on the Weather Channel. The majority of the media is used to entertain. Television shows, movies, music, and video games have increased over the years. I could recall the shelves of the old Wal-Mart buildings when I was eight years old. There would only be a few shelves of VHS tapes and CDs. Now it is rows of shelves filled with DVDs and CDs, jump drives, cell phones, and memory cards for cameras. There is more than one type of video game when there used to be only one. Pac-Man was one of the first video games every made. Now there is Call of Duty, Star Wars, and Grand Theft Auto in different game consoles. Times have changed and it’s bringing society with it. Children, who are at a young age, generally don’t want to do anything, but play or watch television. I couldn’t blame them for wanting to have fun and enjoy life. I loved playing house with my kitchen set, school with my chalkboard, and dress-up with my dolls. I loved watching cartoons. It was one of my favorite past times. I loved watching Bugs Bunny and Tweety Bird. Playing outside with my kitties was one of the highlights of my life. According the pie chart in

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