Explain why there is a need for world development Essay

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Explain why there is a need for world development

I believe that world development is needed for the following reasons:

· In the world today, richer countries are the rulers and poor countries their slaves, for they do not choose to be indebted to the rich countries and they have repaid this debt back, however it is only in interest. The rich countries cannot seem to let go of the money given to them by the poorer countries, it's these repayments that cripple the poorer countries' economies and make sure that they can never be anything more than poor. In Timothy 6v10 it says 'For the love of money is the root of all evil' and that many people have
'broken their hearts with many sorrows', what the bible is teaching here is
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Disease is also rife, weakening the workforce and killing the younger workforce, those who have sufferers in their family have less income until they person who is ill can go back to doing work, those whose kids die also become worse off.

· When a natural disaster occurs, poor countries find it hard to deal with, as they do not have the money to prepare for them, like a country such as America can. Since they cannot prepare, they find it hard to cope, and often end up borrowing more money from the richer countries, increasing the debt.

· Rich countries have the power to pay the poorer countries only a small amount of money for the materials they provide, and once these materials have been processed, the rich countries can then sell them on for a lot more than what the raw materials cost, often back to the poor countries who provided them with the raw materials in the first place. If the richer countries were to cancel the debt owed to them, the poorer countries would be able to use the extra funds available to build things such as factories, so they could manufacture their own goods, this would mean the products

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