Essay on Existentialism Impacts the Meaning of Life

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Imagine living in a world that was black, white, apathetic, and just overall meaningless. Take in the consideration that life right now, was utterly different. Think how humans would represent life and how individuals would appear to society. The existentialists believe in the theory of existentialism which can be depicted as life has no meaning until it is given a purpose. Though everyone has a purpose in life; it is just a matter of discovering what the purpose is. Throughout literature authors use the theory of existentialism to urge humanity to consider the human condition that life has no meaning without purpose. Life is too short to waste it and just let it pass by. Each person on Earth has an equal chance to do something …show more content…
The lack of faith that some people have in individuals is absurd. Though most of that is true, some of it is not. It all circles back to the theory of existentialism and putting a purpose to the people that enter a person’s life. Within humanity we think only about what is good for our individual self. Dr. D. R. Bhandari states that “it thinks that the existence of the individual is the highest truth” (Existentialists Perception of the Human Condition: With Special Reference to Sartre). Now, as a society, we are forced to live life based off of what other people think of our individual imagery. As a whole, we are also forced to be ruled by an upper authority. These are the people who make it feel like we cannot live our lives the way we see it. Just like in Samuel Beckett’s Waiting for Godot his character Vladimir says “let’s wait and see what he says” (Waiting for Godot 13). The thought that some of mankind thinks they have to listen to the upper authority is a meaningless waste of their time. Why would a person waste their time and energy concentrating on how the anarchy wants them to live their life.Though, some of the minority struggle to fend for themselves as individuals because they lack the confidence to figure out where the purpose in their lives are. Society should only have to worry about one thing. That is, how they are succeeding as an individual. Also as individuals, we lack the confidence we

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