Excellence of Canadian Health Care System Essay

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Canadian health care system is well developed, highly efficient, and even with drawbacks it provides Canadian resident the best health care they deserve.

Canadian Government has created The Canada Health Act and developed it in all provinces and territories to provide better health care for its country residence. There are thirteen provinces and territories in Canada that works according to The Canada Health Act. Those health care services described by health Canada are as following: Newfoundland and Labrador Department of Health and Community Services, Prince Edward Island Department of Health and Wellness, Nova Scotia Department of Health and Wellness, New Brunswick Department of Health, Quebec Ministry of Health and Social Services,
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Accessibility is used to keep Canadian health care insured resident to have reasonable access for all the health care facilities and also it conforms that the services such as physicians, hospital, etc are providing reasonable beneficial services (Canadian Health Care). Thus, when The Canada Health Act looks over its services that is been provided to Canadian residents and it keep updating all the reports which shows supportive and reliability for its country citizen. Therefore, Canadian health care really provide residents with great health care by developing better service to an individual requires for their healthy living.

Moreover, Canada provides highly efficient public health care services to its residents for keeping individual health care better. Comparing to other countries Canada has very secure and reliable health care. According United Nation “everyone has the right to live healthy life” stated by Universal Human Right in year 1948.Canada followed the Human Right and worked towards creating a healthy system to maintain healthy living for its national individual. Not all countries follow universal health care as best as Canada. United States of America has only provides private health care system, on other hand United Kingdom and other European countries provide both public as well as private health care. From statistics in year 2005 Canadian spend only 9.7 percent of its

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