Evaluation Portion of Group Project Essay

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General Notions Given the obvious critical importance of the electronic and computerized systems for ICUs, it is also essential to evaluate the related implications that eICUs will, or might, have on the development of the health care in the country. On the other hand, the evaluation of the potential implications of the very implementation of the eICU idea in the senses of associated costs, staff needed, training and education required is also essential. According to Oermann and Gaberson (2006, p. 3), evaluations can be formative and summative, and both of them fit into the following flow of the project development:

This section will follow the above presented sequence of steps and place formative evaluation
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Another side of the formative assessment of eICU is data collection, which includes the combined Likert scale and narrative question methods, online and handwritten questionnaires, and the two-fold process of patient data collection (before and after eICU implementation). Major Implications The major implications of the above aspects for the formative evaluation of the eICU are as follows. First, the objectives and needs for the eICU implementation include the need to solve the nurse shortage problem and the associated increasing risk of health condition complications and mortality rates in our intensive care units. Second, the major areas of implementation of eICU should be the remote health care facilities where the nursing staff shortage has impacted the most in intensive care units. Plus, intensivists require more time- and cost-effective ways to provide the necessary health care standards to patients. Third, costs and other resources needed for the implementation of eICUs in our facility should be regularly assessed against other ways to solve the nurse shortage issue, i. e. educating more nurses, recruiting non-experienced nurses, or using the services of ordinary physicians for ICUs. The performance of eICUs implementers in each of the above aspects should be evaluated formatively and on a regular basis within the process of

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