Evaluation of the Farscape TV Show Essay

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Summer break of 2011 had just started and I was looking for some entertainment. Being a big science fiction fan I was sure that I had gone through all the franchises, Star Wars, Star Trek, Battlestar Galactica, and Stargate. Bored and yearning for something new I decided to do some browsing. Then I came across a show called Farscape. I had heard of the show in passing, but never gave it a second look. This had been a mistake on my part as I quickly realized Farscape was my new favorite show. Farscape aired on the Sci Fi channel from 1999-2004, during its syndication it won several awards and became a cult hit. Farscape’s an original show with broad appeal, featuring both drama and comedy in generous amounts worth experiencing.
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Crichton’s constantly trying to learn the intricacies of the new world he has been drawn into. This contributes greatly to the humor of the show, as Crichton’s companions, who have never met humans before struggle to understand him and his endless pop culture references. Crichton’s companions often repeat them in hilariously incorrect ways.
Part of Farscape’s charm lies in Crichton’s companions, which are ample. We have the professional soldier Aeryn Sun, exiled warrior D’Argo, wise cracking Chiana, anarchist turned priestess Zhaan, selfish exiled emperor Rygel, innocent Pilot, and the insane Stark. Eventually two antagonists the vengeful Thrace, and determined Scorpious join the crew becoming protagonists themselves. Adding another layer of depth, we have Moya, the living ship our protagonist’s cohabitate with. All of these characters have their own distinct personalities that we can identify with adding further depth to the show.
Perhaps the most distinctive aspect of Farscape is the inclusion of the Jim Henson Company in its production. Farscape defied the traditional science fiction show convention of aliens primarily being variations of humans with some prosthetics and makeup slapped on by including generous amounts lifelike puppets and animatronics, including the characters Rygel and Pilot. This helped in fleshing out the visuals of the universe creating a

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