Euthanasia Essay

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Because our medical technology has improved so much, we are literally able to postpone death. People suffering from incurable diseases or injuries that would have died are being kept alive on machines. Because of this, people have argued for years over the legality of euthanasia. Some believe people should die with honor and not suffer. Others simply call it assisted suicide. Euthanasia should be an option for patients in extreme medical situations. The word "euthanasia" simply means an easy or painless death (eu meaning well, thanatos meaning death). Euthanasia was first started by the Greeks and has spread throughout the world (Koop 88). Although the act of euthanasia is quite simple, there are two
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It is impossible to make the judgment on what the patient really wants at this point. Is it justified for the family to make the decision to let their loved one live? It is too easy to let other motives influence that type of decision. The family very well could decide on the life of their loved one based on the burden of doctor bills or even the need for the inheritance instead of the well being of their beloved. It is also shown that "80% of relatives preferred to have their terminally ill loved ones die in the hospital, while 80% of dying persons...said they would prefer to die at home" (Barnard 21). The patient wants to spend his last times happily at his home while the family wants the best care at the hospital readily available. In many cases, some believe when the patient decides for himself to be euthanized that he/she doesn't really want to die. Patients who are seriously ill can become extremely depressed and say they want to die. Psychologists believe that the patients are no different from "normal" suicidal people but with the addition of their medical problems. Psychologists also have found that when patients talk suicide that they really only want the attention and support of their family (Peck 190). Who is to say that a terminally ill patient is really wanting to be released from his body or that his family has the best intentions at heart when they tell the doctor to "pull the plug?" According to the Hippocratic

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