Euthanasia Essay

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Euthanasia is a though that ponders in the mind of many everyday. Is it right, is it wrong, who can decide the value of a person's life? Euthanasia is an option that many sick and dying people consider everyday. Euthanasia can be a sick person's only escape from a life of torment and suffering where they are waiting to die. People also choose Euthanasia as a means to ending their life because they feel that can no longer live their lives the way the want to. Finally, people use Euthanasia to end their lives because they feel that only machines and medication are keeping them alive and that they have truly died inside. A careful and close analysis of this topic and a review of some
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After a sever accident or a bout with a terminal illness, some argue that their quality of life is just never the same again. After an accident some might never be able to work again. Others might be dependant on supervision and care for the rest of their lives and feel that they are just a burden to their families and society. In the motion picture, Who's Life Is It Anyways, a quadriplegic states "Life for me is over, I can't do the things I want to do; life for me might as well be over." This Attitude is held true by many in the same position. Many quadraplegic feel that their body was everything to them and that they are now trapped within it. Their bodies played important roles in their lives, carrers and social settings. Without the use of their bodies they emotionally cease to exist. People who are being kept alive by machines also lose quality of life. People who are under constant supervision or are kept alive by artificial means often feel that they are a burden to society and place unwanted stress on their families. They come to the realization that they are no longer productive members of society and wish end their lives gracefully and still keep their dignity while they have it. People in this position feel that they have nothing to live for, nothing to hope for, and nothing to fulfill the void left in their

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