Ethics in Law Enforcement Essay example

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Police ethics are extremely important because ethics are the typical of “fair and honest conduct” (pg 460). People may have a different definition of what is fair and what is honest, and there are different circumstances where officers may not be able to be honest; such as covert investigations. Society in general determines what our ethical standards and moral principles are. Individual morals vary among all of us as they are what we as an individual consider to be right or wrong. We also have morals that are set by society. These are what we as a society consider to be right or wrong and may go hand in hand with individual morals. Morals change as society and people change, therefore we as a country have to adapt to what the changing …show more content…
One person’s morals can interfere with another. I believe when you are in certain careers you may have to quiet your own morals so that they don’t interfere with the ethical standards of your position. Ethics are important for law enforcement because it keeps individual personnel from stepping outside the boundaries and helps in attaining as much fairness as possible. There will always be individual law enforcement officers that drift outside their boundaries, but we hope that with ethical standards that they would be punished in some way if they are in the wrong. One thing to note is that there are times in an officer’s day where he/she may pull over a speeding car and not write a ticket because the passenger is giving birth. Instead of writing them a ticket the officer would give them a police escort to the hospital to ensure they arrive safely. Now the driver may have committed an act that is against the law, but for a good reason and by giving them an escort to the hospital instead of a speeding ticket is considered by our society to be the right thing to do. There will always be officers that do not follow the ethical standards that a police department needs. My example of this is an officer that came into a bar I was working at and drove his truck home after many drinks. Now it was apparent that he should not be driving. My ethical issue with this is that he pulls people over for drinking and

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