Ethics and Supervision in our Society Essay

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One can say the foundation of business, government, and society is built on morals and ethics. Ethics can be defined as” the process of making moral decisions about individuals and their interactions in society while still attempting to protect the rights and welfare of those same individuals.”(Francis 2010) Morals can be simply described as the principals of right and wrong behavior that are agreed upon by society. Society generally base their morals from teachings originally found in religion. Most religions have different beliefs but luckily societies have similar morals that can often be the same throughout the world. Ethics can play a major role in the workplace integrity. For a workplace to have integrity one needs leaders who will …show more content…
Supervisors need to lead by example and take responsibility for building a professional workplace. Supervisors must not only communicate about ethical conduct and integrity but also must demonstrate the behaviors expected by the employees. One must reinforce the practical application of organizational documents such as the company’s code of ethics and set clear expectations of the responsibilities for the employees. Supervisors that teach the employee how to understand the company’s values and the Charter of Human Rights and Responsibilities can shape the employee into showing appropriate behavior and responses in the workplace. One needs to be motivated by the public rather than private interests and inspire willingness in others to act ethically. Superiors also have the important task of resolving ethical issues in the work place. If a ethical issue is brought up the supervisor needs to behave in accordance with the legal, ethical and moral standards for his or her work. The supervisor will need to attempt to resolve the ethical dilemma with direct and open communication among all parties involved and seek supervision or consultation as appropriate. If an ethical issue conflicts with law, regulations or other governing legal authority, the supervisor should take steps to resolve the issue through consultation. If one has knowledge that another supervisor is acting in an unethical manner, they are obligated to take appropriate measures based on

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