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Living With Strangers Sometimes it can be a leap in the dark to move from a small city to a big city. You start somewhere new; an unknown place filled with new experiences, challenges and strangers. It can be overwhelming at first, and it might as well take some time to grow accustomed to the new culture and what the city has to offer. The situation can especially be difficult to someone who comes from a city, where one is used to live in closely encircling. As an example of this kind of

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It does not take Siri long time to absorb the unwritten code of survival in New York City – the simple law, she is fascinated of and that every New Yorker subscribes to whenever possible; it is to pretend that it is not happening! This is the differences Siri finds between her hometown Minnesota and New York City. Siri describes several experiences of her own where this pretending-it-is-not-happening- law happens. To treat something which is not acceptable as something that is acceptable among the society is a part of the law. Siri’s husbands points that to take action is something that can be dangerous “Taking acting may be viewed as courageous or merely stupid, depending on the circumstances and your point of view. . As an example of it Siri tells us a story her husband witnesses on a subway car he was riding to Penn Station. A man points out to another man that it is against the law to smoke on the subway. The response from the black man was: “Do you wanna die”?. Most New York stories would have ended here, because acting as everyone in the city knows can be dangerous but the story ends very well. But again this does not carry a moral insight into when to act and when not. Hustvedt tells another story about her
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