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There are natural ice rinks, for example, lakes and rivers that freeze in winter. The ice has a thickness of 2–3 centimeters (around one inch).


A court is a type of gymnasium where sports like basketball, squash and badminton are played. The roof allow this sports to be practiced year-round, in all seasons.

All this playing areas are made according to the requirements and function each sport has. A sport can be practiced as a profession or just as a hobby. Technology has been a useful tool to improve sports in all aspects to make them fair and exact.

In our country, we have available all this playing areas. Unfortunately, almost everyone who practice a sport is a professional and there’s no incentive for people and students in schools to practice a different sport, other from tennis or football.

In Chile, most of our famous sportsman or women are recognized in tennis, football and athletics.

Practicing a sport could even be a lifestyle. It is a good way to be healthy. In most of the cases, children of parents who are not sportives at all, are also sedentary. A kid who practices a sport is a healthy child and spending time in physical activities would have great benefits in his future. It is important to promote sports as an activity that everyone can do and there’s a wide range of options for each type of personality.

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