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Essay about family (love, childhood and support) It all starts when you are born, you open your eyes, and you see your family. They are the ones that will take care of you, and help you get through your life. These are the people you will learn to love, and love to hate. Most people are born in to a world with good and loving parents, and will later on create a wonderful family for themselves. Some are not that lucky, and are born in to a world without a family and a home. They will have

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My father is a teacher, and by the way has great psychological skills. My mother is a pedagogue, and is quite a health expert. They are really loving, careing, and supportive. Of cause the makes mistakes, but that is also a part of being a parent. If they show that they aren’t perfect, I will not be afraid of make mistakes myself when I grow up. So in a way for myself it is a good ida for me to se my parents fight, and see how they solve, or handles a bad situation, and learn form that too. I remember when I was little, and hid in my room when they were fighting, well I stil do, but the point is I’m not afraid because it is a important part of life, at least that is what my parents told me.
To get support is a very important thing, it will help you to get over difficult times not only when you have a fight with someone, but you have to feel appreciated. Support is also to be challenged, and to be encouraged to do things the right way even if it is hard work. A family can help with you, and just the thought of having a family behind me, makes me happy and secure, be cause then I know they will always help me. For an example if I was kidnapped. They would wonder where I was, and look for me. It is the feeling that love will always be there. So you see it is important to have, and create a family to live a happy and productive
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