Equality in Lyddie by Kathrine Paterson Essay

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Equality is perhaps one of the most controversial concepts that has plagued human society and communities as well as nations, since Earth’s earliest days. The idea that all are deserving of an equal amount of respect and acceptance, however appealing it may be, is quite impossible. There will always be factors (ie. economic situations, former methods of servitude, personality, etc.) that will affect the way in which humans treat one another, no matter the circumstance. It is a ridiculous idea to even attempt to comprehend that one’s feelings and thoughts and history as a person could ever be the equivalent to another’s. As a result, we are able to achieve a sense of individualism within ourselves and are able to clearly notice the …show more content…
Because serving her family has become such a highly-valued principle of hers, Lyddie makes just about all decisions based on how they will affect her family, and rarely does she ever think about herself and her own safety. Thus, if Lyddie continues her usual thought process, she’d find that choosing to sign the petition is the right decision.
As noted earlier, the textile mill at which Lyddie must work is of terrible working conditions. While Lyddie is provided a tour of the factory by overseer, Mr. Marsden, Lyddie finds the “murky air” (62)—which is quite a difference from the fine, clean country air she is accustomed to—hard to breathe in. It is the polluted air and the fact that many of the girls work in such cramped spaces, and most often board together with others, that sickness is able to spread rapidly, over short periods of time. Prudence, one of Lyddie’s roommates, is among the first to fall victim to one of the variety of sicknesses lingering in the factory. Lyddie describes Prudence’s illness as one paired with symptoms of “coughing…dry, painful, [coughing]” (89). Following Prudence, is a great number of girls to become ill. At one point, Lyddie discusses the severity of the lingering illnesses with Diana, a friend and coworker, and Diana remarks, “A lot of girls have been out with this fever…There’ve been many deaths

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