Environment Scanning of Royal George Pub Essay

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Environment scanning of Royal George Pub.
This paper summarizes the comprehensive understanding of the environmental scanning process. Environmental scanning usually involves both Micro and Macro environmental factors of an organisation. Moreover, it is necessary that a firm must adapt to their environments to survive, and prosper (Dreyer and Gronhaug, 2004; Hambrick, 1982). This report is focused on one of the branches of Spirit Pub Company, which is a part of Taylor Walker pubs. Walker pubs are known for great conventional English pub food and distinctive range of beer, traditional ales and spirits for over two centuries (Taylor Walker Pubs 2013). This branch is in the heart of London named Royal George Pub.
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SWOT Analysis This study uses advantages of Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats analysis (SWOT) theory to discuss the future of foundry industry trends and strategic direction (Chang, and Liao 2013). Strengths and weaknesses are part of the micro environment and it helps organisations to expertise and to see what lacks in the firm. Nevertheless, opportunities and threats are part of the macro environment which, is for enterprises to explore the development of management strategies will be used to explore the company's future situation (Chang and Liao 2013). In order to apply the theory, a business chooses current environmental surroundings and management considerations to select the most effective aspects for application.

Strengths are factors that exist in the micro environment of a business that helps the organisation to understand its positivity to further advance strategies. Royal George is a part of Spirit Pubs which is one of the most reputable food & beverage company in England. The pub is surrounded by local businesses, hotels, and public transportation due to the pub being situated across the Euston station. Pub attracts sports fans since the pub consists of flat screens Tv's with major sports channel’s on during business hours. Royal George uses beer and ale from SIBA (Society of

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