Entail to Travesty Essay

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Lust, greed and hatred fill Sussex in the late eighteenth-century, a time of reform thus, causing the field laborers to withstand the brunt of the change. Wideacre once a land that meant fertility and no threat of famine for the poor that sowed the fields. This land of prosperity spirals into the darkness of the deepest sins that one does not have grace there lips. The demise of the land and the gentry live there is led by the thought protector and the one who once loved the land most, Beatrice Lacey. Themes of greed, and blind lust run florid throughout the leaves of the novel, that drips into to pools of sin, the devil drinks from himself.
Handsome Miss Beatrice, the belle of Widearcre with the impossibility of her heart possessing
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Beatrice does not want love she wants the person with he most power on the land once it was the gamekeeper’s lad Ralph and now it is her brother. “While I had been aching and longing for his for Harry and trembling at his touch, this little ice-maiden [Celia] had been refusing his kisses and been shrinking from an arm around her waist. Envy made me physically queasy…,” thought Beatrice as the cold feeling of lustful envy filled her veins. She does not envy Celia having Harry’s affection no she envy’s that she has his passion. Harry’s passion is what Beatrice wants. All this creates the coldness that is Beatrice Lacey’s heart, “ The girl I was on the land, when I was young dripped away, like an icicle, that girl I was, was gone and left the heart of stone and ice I am now.” This is Beatrice’s realization at her harness yet she does not care. She has set out what she was to do and nothing was to get in her way.
Wideacre is not just the title or just an estate no it stands for all Beatrice Lacey fought for and created. In the start, Wideacre represented stability of the old ways. It was fertility it was England Wideacre was everything. Beatrice Lacey wanted everything and in her pursuit of it inspired hatred. Wideacre became a place of greed drowning in debt. The men that worked day and night on Acre used to think of it as a place they would never have to worry of

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