Ensuring Healthy Living in the Community Essay

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LNRA Summary After completing the Learning Needs and Resource Assessment with the workers and parents at the YMCA it shows that they want to implement physical activity and healthy eating habits in their daily routines. However, because of four main areas of concern for the community it is stopping them in implementing physical activity and healthy eating habits in their lifestyle. The first concern is the lack of time. Due to the many hours they work in a day the workers and the parents of the YMCA find that it is extremely difficult for them to manage time for healthy meals and physical activities. Another concern is the cost of healthy foods and convenience. The price of healthy food far outweigh the price of unhealthy food. Along …show more content…
Inevitably the school lunch program is made of quick meals that are determined to be a small snack that children can eat quickly. Most of these “quick meals” are foods that have been precooked and have a high percentage of fat, to keep the student energized to stay awake during the class.
Concept two (2) The second concept for our community is the cost of healthy foods. If the price for healthy nutritious food was the same as unhealthy food that holds not nutritious value our community would pick the healthy food that would provide them with more energy over the unhealthy food that makes them tired and weak. However, due to the price of healthy foods they choose the foods that they can afford at the time of their purchase. (Wagner, 2014) (Horgan, 2002)
Concept three (3)

The third concept is television ideas that many people believe to be okay because it is it is highly promoted in the press. Television also has an impact on foods that are community purchase because they promote unhealthy eating habits along with personifying the idea that overeating and under eating as a positive thing that has no negative consequences (Harris, 2009). For example, survival shows put off the idea that barely eating is okay as long as it is enough to survive. Overeating as well as under eating has many different negative consequences on your body. Overeating expands your stomach causing it to constantly enlarge itself as well as increasing your bodies need for saturated

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