Enhancing Cooperation and Strengthening the United Nations Essay

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Administration efforts in enhancing cooperation and strengthening the United Nations are in the national interest of the United States. These efforts allow the United States to diminish its recent reputation as the sole global problem-solver acting unilaterally, decrease the strain on the United States’ budget to fund global initiatives and enhance the United States’ ability to exert its ‘soft power’ in international affairs. Issues facing the United States global in nature, as most if not all problems affect every nation around the world whether directly or indirectly. Examples include global trade policies, security issues, refugees and poverty. Since the Iraq war in 2003, the United States’ reputation amongst world leaders and the …show more content…
As stated by the US Mission to the United Nations in 2012: In addition to the financial burden easing, U.N. reforms being pushed by the United States will help ensure American tax-dollars (going to the U.N.) are being spent wisely. Even though the easing of financial burden upon the U.S. is an important factor why America should be strengthening the U.N., the ability for the United States to exert its ‘soft power’ globally is an even greater reason in promoting further cooperation and strengthening of the United Nations. Some in the international community have long seen the United States, especially since 2001, as using its ‘hard power’ or military to solve global issues around the world and force others to do what it wants them to do. By using multilateralism and the United Nations to solve international problems, the United States is reverting to the use of ‘soft power’ and diplomacy to solve these pressing issues. In addition to the United Nations being a “forum where sovereign states can come together to share burdens, address common problems, and seize common opportunities”, it is also a means for the United States to influence other countries to adopts American policy agendas on world issues. (E.g. counter-terrorism, humanitarian and other social or

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