Essay on Engineered Life vs. God Given Life

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When considering the social context of our society today, it is not surprising that the concepts of morality and ethics are introduced in the debate over genetic engineering. Is it ethically correct as a society for scientists to alter human nature by editing genetics? Is it moral for an engineer to “play God” in the eyes of some and determine which genes will be passed on to the next generation? Bioethics, a critical part of any medical field, is likewise crucial in genetic engineering. Without regulations and limits, genetic engineering in humans could have a significant impact on genetic diversity, undermining the health of the human species.
One of the most common fears about the genetic engineering is that it will create a
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If genetic engineering were to become prominent in our society, it’s believed that it is ethical and moral to limit genetic engineering in order to save the genetic variation in our current gene pool. With genetic engineering, humans will become a “monoculture.” According to Powell, the gene pool will be altered with genetic variation, unless it was a situation where every person cloned himself, which is quite unlikely. However, he argues that, since most of our DNA is not expressed openly, genetic engineering would hardly impact our phenotypes passed down in the gene pool (212). It's possible to disagree with Powell because engineering done to our DNA would be to the genes expressed outwardly, especially if we are to consider those who want to alter the genetics of their child to give him/her an upper hand athletically, intellectually, etc. So where should the stopping point be? Ethically, it is not a scientist’s position to alter the gene pool, unless it would be to eliminate a disease or genetic disorder that would cause some health problems. It is our duty, as a society, to limit the boundaries for genetic engineering in order to maintain its purpose: to prevent the transmission of diseases and disorders. Although it can be quite tempting to design children with certain desirable human attributes: perfect pitch, remarkable strength, and photographic memories. According to

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