Essay on Energy Transmission

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In energy systems where the energy-collection process in an energy-material is needed as a step physically separated from the Processing Unit, the transportation of the energy-material that contains the energy is required. In the case of biomass-based energy systems, this step encompasses all the infra-structure associated with the logistics of supplying biomass to the Processing Unit: machines, roads, pipes, etc.
Although the energy that flows through this stage is tied to the amount of raw material demanded by the processing plant, its cost structure may vary freely, dependent upon the type of transportation technology adopted (i.e.: pipelines, trucks, railroads), distances, daily demand of the processing unit, operation time, and
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[L] Size of the reservoir available for the fuel storage; [MJ ∙ L−1] Low Heating Value of the resulting energy-product; [J] Efficiency. Unfortunately, the useful energy obtainable by extraction from an energy stock is always less than the energy put into it; as explained by the laws of thermodynamics. No single energy storage method boasts the best in specific power, specific energy, and energy density.
3.4.5 Stage 05 – Transportation/Transmission
The assets involved in the transportation or transmission of the energy-product obtained. (4.17)

[%] Efficiency of energy transmission;
3.4.6 Stage 06 – End-User
How efficiently energy is consumed by an end-user should be considered per case study scenario. Different applications will provide different performances. With the objective of studying Renewable Energy Projects, such analysis would only provide valuable insights if the whole energy production chain was designed for providing energy for a specific application within the scope of the energy project. This is the case for solar panels installed for providing energy for water pumps, for instance. Similar assessments can be done for much larger systems, providing interesting insights especially for policy makers. However, given the infinitude of ways the produced energy-material can be consumed, this thesis will not attempt to model this stage of the energy system. The measurement of assets

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