Energy Resource Essay

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While researching for this project, I realized that Earth provides us with all the energy we could possibly need so that we can live our everyday lives. Fossil fuels have been a major resource for energy for quite some time, but now we are running out of them. To fix this problem, we must find new sources to meet our energy needs. Earth has many different features that can produce not just fossil fuels, but also clean burning and renewable energies. There are many different options for getting energy, and if we explore each method, we will find benefits and drawbacks for each one.

One of the major fossil fuels the world uses is natural gas. This colorless, shapeless, and odorless gas is the cleanest burning fossil fuel in the world. It
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(, 2004) Large amounts of natural gas pockets are found in Saudi Arabia, Venezuela, Alaska, Texas, Louisiana, North Dakota, and Montana. (National Geographic) When preparing to drill for natural gas, there isn’t a set distinguisher of where to find the energy; there are no signs or unlevel land or anything. Educated guesses are made on where natural gas will be found. (, 2004) When a drilling site is decided upon, a well is drilled into the sedimentary basins, which is the rock that restricts natural gas from coming to the surface. This well is built so the gas can be harvested. Sometimes, to get more natural gas from one well, the well will be expanded sideways through more drilling. This is called Lucrative Drilling. (National Geographic)
Once the gas has been harvested, there are many different ways the gas can be converted into the energy needed to sustain the life we live. One way is through Central Gas Turbines. In this method, the gas is heated until it can turn turbines to generate electricity. This is the most common way natural gas is converted into energy. Another method is called Combined Cycle Units. In this process, hot natural gas turns turbines again, but then the extremely hot gas is used to heat water enough so that another turbine can be turned by the

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