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Prepaid Energy Meter (AT89S52) A scheme of Electricity billing system called "PREPAID ENERGY METER WITH TARIFF INDICATOR" can facilitate in improved cash flow management in energy utilities and can reduces problem associated with billing consumer living in isolated area and reduces deployment of manpower for taking meter readings. Every consumer can buy a memory card (is nothing but an EEPROM IC) with a password stored inside it using a MC program. The memory card is available at various ranges

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Insert the card into the Programmer

2. Dial 2*0400#

3. The red led will blink for every key press

4. If the programming done sucessfully then the Green led will long Blink finally.

5. If it fails then the RED led will give a long blink

Circuit Diagram:


Prepaid Energy Meter using GSM


This project is based on VTU syllabus. The proposed system is based on ATMEL 89S52 µcontroller which is in our syllabus.

For doing this project we use some of the software like

v  Embedded C for programming the application software to the microcontroller.

v  Protel schematic software is used for designing the circuit diagram for this project.

v  Express PCB software is used for designing the PCB for this project.

(Since PCB making is a big process and involves lot of machineries which are expensive, we are going to outsource this to the manufacturer.)


Every month we can see a person standing in front of our house from Electricity board or water Board whose duty  is  to read  the energy meter/water meter and handover the bills (electric or water) to the owner of that house . This is nothing but meter reading. According to that reading we have to pay the bills. The main drawback of this system is that person has to go area by area and he has to read the meter of every house and handover the bills. The Electricity board and Water authority has to give privileges for these people to do their duty monthly. The thing is, Government will not appoint
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