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age, movement, compact vital organs, and mental prowess

11) The two vessels that circulate primary energy throughout the body are:

a. The Ming and the Jing

b. The Liver and the Gallbladder

c. The Governing and the Conception

d. The Triple Heater and the Pericardium (Heart Mind)

12) The triple warmer meridian:

a. Heats Chi to convert it from Yin to Yang

b. Circulates liquid energy throughout the organs

c. Is associated with overcoming fears

d. All of the above

13) Some attributes, characteristics, and parts of the body associated with the Metal Element are:

a. Sex Glands, Moodiness, Bitter Foods, Scorched Odors

b. Bones, Anxiousness, Willpower, and Salty Foods

c. Irritability, Sour Foods, Rancid Odors, and the Season of Spring

d. Sadness, Sensitivity, Spicy or Pungent food, The season of Autumn

14) The Grandmother-Grandson Law is

a. prevents one element from becoming too strong

b. associated with the Ko Cycle

c. explains how wood penetrates and stabilizes earth

d. all of the above

15) Yuan¬– source points are also called alarm points because they react strongly when pressed upon and are therefore useful in diagnostics.

T. True

F. False

16) The video, “Donald in Mathmagic Land” discusses sacred geometry and math. Which of these items listed is not an example of sacred geometry and math.

a. music

b. billiards

c. sand

d. flowers

17) According to Pythagoras, the father of numerology, the number “0” represents the void and
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