Essay about End the Global Slave Trade

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Ask almost any Westerner about slavery, and the response is likely going to be, "Slavery ended in the mid-eighteenth century." The mention of sex trafficking or forced labor brings ponderous comments about the horrors endured by the populations of third-world countries, how people "over there" have it so badly. The truth is, human trafficking is a worldwide problem. Illegal trade of humans is not only happening "over there" in a few marginalized third-world countries. Trade in persons is one of the largest criminal rings on the planet. It is pervasive, and it is not happening only in the poorest of countries, but in every developed country in the world, including the United States of America. Globally victims of trafficking number in the …show more content…
The victims are exploited and forced to into servitude. Some are made to be soldiers, while others are forced to labor in factories to produce consumer goods (Batstone 111; UNODC). Many are made to be domestic servants (Batstone 19). By a large margin, the greatest population of trafficked humans are forced into sexual servitude, whether it be to serve a single master or to be compelled to sell their bodies in a brothel (Amir 61; Gandy). There exists two definitive areas in which action is needed to stop the global slave trade. First, the victims of trafficking must be identified, their situations ameliorated, and they must be reintegrated into free society. Second, the situations which leave people vulnerable must be addressed and redressed to prevent further victimization. The United States is in a position to take global leadership on ending this epidemic. In October 2000 the United States passed the Trafficking Victims Protection Act (TVPA), which defined and outlawed trafficking in sex or labor. In 2003 the act was reauthorized to allow victims to press criminal charges against and seek punitive damages from their exploiters (Pierce). While these are positive first steps, the U.S. has floundered with follow-through. In order for these laws to be effective, human trafficking must become an integral part domestic, foreign and fiscal policy. The laws need more active enforcement, and there needs to

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