End of Life Decisions Involving Patients and Their Families Essay

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This study was done to inform patients and others that end of life decisions can be done, in advance, without having a terminal diagnosis. Palliative is a process created to prevent patients from suffering, at the end of their life.
This is an evidence-based nursing study, using the qualitative research method. The clinical scenario is based upon the writer and researchers working on a palliative care unit. On this unit there are many opportunities to discuss end of life decisions with patients and family members. This study was done to improve palliative care and end of life issues with hopes of achieving a better outcome, with patients and their families.
The reason for this study was completed is to indentify way nurses can
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Cynthia K. Russell, RN, ARNP, PHD, and author of, “Evaluation of Qualitative Research Studies” has a world view and paradigms. From qualitative research, qualitative science is described as rigorous, has credibility, trustworthiness, and believability. There are several qualitative research designs which have different conventions for their appropriate conduct.
The second question “what are the findings” deals with the team developing an approach to help patients and family members. They both have the same approach to life and death as the heath care team. It is the health care team goal to demonstrate how patients that are on a palliative care team can benefit from using different medical approaches, with medications and other methods. These approaches can help patients and their families’ transition easier into hospice care, if needed.
Question number three “how can the health care team members apply the findings to patient care”? After, convincing the patient about using medications and other pain relieving techniques, the medical team can work with the family members more effectively. In this research study it is very important that everyone agrees on the same treatment measures, no matter what it will take. But in this research study, the provider will encourage positive attitudes which will

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