Emily’s Relationship with Death Essay

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Emily’s Relationship with Death Norman Cousins once said: “Death is not the greatest loss in life. The greatest loss is what dies inside us while we live.” In other words, this quote means that people within a society are very pessimistic about their daily occurrences with fearing the pain of death. On the contrary, the notions of fear are still making the people within the society corrupt. While living in a family with great prestige can seem glamorous to outsiders, the children within the family have a hard time coping and finding their place within society. Without children having vital experiences starting at a young age, their ability to emerge to something bigger and better is minute. Being robbed of such experiences, could lead …show more content…
With such emphasis on schooling, politics, and money, the absence of making friends, and meeting new people really isolated the Dickinson children at a young age. Although, Emily always praised and admired her father saying how he was caring and compassionate, her feelings towards her mother, Emily Norcross was vastly different. In one of her writings Emily described her mother as “cold, and unapproachable.” While Dickinson lived a very privileged life, with her father being a lawyer, state representative, senator, and founder of Amherst College , the luxury of traveling across the United States did not impress Emily at all. Although she traveled with her mother and sister to Washington and Philadelphia to visit her father while he was a National Representative, she undoubtedly preferred staying back at home in Amherst at her parents lavished home which overlooked Amherst’s burial ground called the Homestead. While being referred by her brother as the “lord and lady of the house” when their parents were in Amherst, Emily took charge of the house, and cared for her siblings. With this obligation at such a young age, it definitely limited some of the opportunities that being young offer. While Emily, who lived in her parent’s mansion for the majority of her life, lived along with her best friends, her older brother Austin, and

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