Essay on Elizabeth Gaskell's "Wives and Daughters"

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Introduction Elizabeth Gaskell, author of Wives and Daughters, wrote a best seller during the Victorian reign. Although she started her writing career in her late thirties, she managed to impress her critics with her unique style. She managed to branch away from writing novels to write a biography about her friend Charlotte Bronte, which almost resulted in a lawsuit. Even though critics embarked harshness on her writing about the plight of the working class, yet they viewed her work as a skillful.
Brief Summary of Wives and Daughters
Wives and Daughters is centered on its main character Molly Gibson. She’s the daughter of the local town doctor Dr. Gibson. The premature death of Molly’s mother forced the father to be both parents to
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Lady Hamley invited Molly to dinner with the family because she believed that a guest at the table was a good thing to have during a family crisis. The dinner was a bit intense because of the news about Osborne's failures. While Molly was enjoying her visit at the Hamley’s estate, her father was secretly courting Governess Hyacinth. Dr. Gibson proposed to Hyacinth, and she accepted with tears of joy. While making his medical rounds to see Lady Hamley, Dr. Gibson rewarded Molly with news of his upcoming nuptials. She was none too pleased with the idea of her father marrying again without checking to see how this will affect her. Roger helped Molly to accept her father's wedding and to make the best of a bad situation for the love of her father.
While Molly swallows her pride and accepts her father's action, he mentions that Hyacinth has a daughter about her age named Cynthia. Hyacinth persuades her daughter Cynthia to come to Hollingsford and live with her and her new husband, and stepdaughter. Cynthia uses her appearance to gain the desirable attention from men including Roger Hamley. Roger became so infatuated with Cynthia that he started to annoy Molly with questions about her stepsister. She wanted no part in Roger and Cynthia’s little flirting courtship, so she avoided Roger whenever possible.
With Cynthia enjoying her new life, her old life finally caught up to her in Hollingsford. Hyacinth has no clue that Cynthia has been in engaged

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