Essay about Elementary Education

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Elementary Education Before her tragic death in space, Christa McAuliffe left us with her inspirational words, “I touch the future. I teach.” Since I was in second grade, I knew, without a doubt, that I wanted to be a teacher. After considering my options and analyzing the advantages and disadvantages of being a teacher, I came to the conclusion that being an educator was the only profession that would completely satisfy me. Consequently, I have encountered a lot of criticism because of my decision. However, these opinions have only encouraged me to strive to become an extraordinary teacher that will change the lives and instill knowledge into students that will last a lifetime.

Teaching allows a person to obtain so many
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To me, teaching deserves more respect that any other occupation. Nevertheless, the ever-changing values within our culture and societal “morals” have caused Americans to disrespect and discredit the occupation of a teacher.

Each subject has its’ own structure of knowledge and I will master all patterns, facts, ideas, and notions of each subject. I want my classroom to be an actively involved learning community. Working with children at church camp, bible school, and during my observations has allowed me to utilize a variety of entertainment and learning techniques. I believe that the nature of knowledge is relative. Each student learns differently, and through different strategies and techniques. From my experience, I feel that cooperative learning is a successful teaching strategy that allows small groups, with different ability levels to encourage academic achievement. Students learn to work together socially and academically within groups. I believe that cooperative learning promotes positive relations between different ethnic groups, develops critical thinking skills, and establishes environments where academic accomplishments are valued. In elementary school, it is necessary to have students work in groups, not only to improve their social skills, but I feel that students can learn a lot more from their peers. Statistics have proven this.

However, I believe that the teacher has to be

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