Electronic Medical Record Essay

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1.0 Name of the system
Electronic Medical Record (Clinic)

2.0 Summary
Although the technology is kept on advancing from day to day, there are some clinics that are still using old method in handling their records. Piles of files in registry counter sometimes make the place looks messy and it takes a large space to store all the records of their patients. Sometimes, they cannot find a record due to misplace and the records might be lost. Each time they want to retrieve the records, they have to find based on the series number which sometimes the file is placed not according to the series number. This process will take more time than it should be. There are some clinics that are already implementing an electronic medical record and it gives
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The system also allows user to retrieve the data saved in database of the system by entering IC number. Once IC number has been identified, the system will display all the information about the patients. This case is for returning patients.

3.0 Problem description

There are still some clinics that been using the old system in handling records of patients, which is the file systems. This literally bring some disadvantages in managing the records as it may be misfiled, pages fall out, notes are entered in the wrong order, and a poorly-placed cup of coffee, can wipe out the entire medical data of patients. In addition, other problems which related to this filing system is that the illegibility of doctor’s handwriting which can obscure important medical information. Sometimes, such of those mistakes are disastrous as the receptionist might be wrongly gives medicine to patients.

In implementing this EMR system, there are also some barriers that been facing by certain clinics to use this kind of system. Eventhough it might reduce the cost of papers and folders, but the initial capital costs to start using this system is a bit high. Yet, because of this issue, some clinics are not able to use this system. In order to make the flow in managing the records works efficiently, they must be training of clinical users. Adequate training is important so that existing EMR system and its capabilities can be better

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