Essay on Electronic Health Record

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Present day electronic health record is a culmination of decades of effort put forth to digitizing health records. However, the goal, to compile patient medical history so it can be readily viewed and managed in one place is yet to be fully realized.
The first EHR systems, circa 1960s, were known as clinical information systems and influenced later systems because their processing speed and flexibility allowed many users in the system at once [3].
Around the same time, the University of Utah and 3M jointly developed Health Evaluation through Logical Processing (HELP), one of the first clinical decision support systems. Then, in 1968, the development of the Computer Stored Ambulatory Record (COSTAR) began at Massachusetts General Hospital
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The 1991 report also identified barriers to EHR adoption such as lack of standards, issues of security, and adoption cost; and suggested both private and public funding for successful development. When the private healthcare industry became aware of the IOM’s findings, supporters formed the Computer-Based Patient Record Institute (CPRI), which helped break down barriers to EMR development. In 2000, the IOM published a study of medical errors, To Err is Human, concluding that health care would be safer with such systems as computerized physician order entry in place [5]. The IOM also collaborated on the development of an electronic standards organization, HL7 [3].
Since its inception, HL7 has been developing electronic standards to ensure that the components of an EHR can communicate more easily, resulting in a working electronic health record system. Since one EHR system often contains components made by many different vendors, standards that specify items are essential for optimal functioning.
As of past decade, EHRs have appeared in the national political forum, indicating widespread concerns about recordkeeping’s effect on public health. President Bush made mention of the topic in his 2004 State of the Union address [2], and more recently, President Obama incorporated EHR into his American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 as part of the Health Information Technology for

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