Electrical Engineering: Changing Society One Product At a Time

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What would the world look like without electrical engineering? Electrical engineering encompasses so many fields of interest that people’s everyday lives are affected by the creations that it has made. The world of technology can all stem from the fields of electrical engineering that can be studied. The music heard coming from the speakers, the monitors that show an abundance of information, and even the lights that are lighting a room are all products of electrical engineers. Electrical engineering has many important fields but the ones that are most influential on in society include computer engineering, communications, software and electronic systems. Within each of these fields are different characteristics that make each of them …show more content…
Originally, computers were very large in size, but throughout the years they have not only become smaller, but even made portable such as laptops. With the invention of the computer, people changed the way they do the everyday tasks that they are faced with. The computer was invented as a faster, more efficient way of completing all kinds of work in a timely manner. Computers are not only made to be more efficient than the original typewriters, but are also used for filing and mathematics. Without this invention many other fields of production would be gone. Computers are used in the creation of movies and video games. Without computers, these things would either not exist or would be of very low quality like the original games for Atari were when it was released. Much of the entertainment industry would be affected too. Since many programs, commercials and movies are edited with computer animation and graphics the quality of these would plummet. On a larger scale, any of the space exploration that has been accomplished was done with precise measurements and calculations that were possible due to the use of computers’ extensive processing capabilities. Engineers and scientists have come so far with this one invention and, as computer engineers create new and better hardware for computers, the technology used from them will become better as well. People all over the world own computers, and this is all possible thanks to computer

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