Eleanor Roosevelt Essay examples

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I. Introduction

William Jay Jacobs, the author of “Eleanor Roosevelt”, was born in 1933. He has written many biographies of people like Abraham Lincoln, Winston Churchill, ad Eleanor Roosevelt. Jacobs especially admired Eleanor Roosevelt. He described her as a “woman of courage” who was able to “turn her pain into strength”. Jacobs says that by this biography and others, he is able to “reach a very special audience: young people searching for role models, trying to understand themselves”. Jacobs has written many biographies of different people because he hopes that his young readers can draw inspiration from “the great reservoirs of recorded history”
The element of “Eleanor Roosevelt” is biography. The author, William Jay Jacobs,
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II. Thesis Statement In “Eleanor Roosevelt”, Eleanor learns to achieve success by having self-esteem and dignity for herself. III. Plot
The story "Eleanor Roosevelt" takes place from the time Eleanor Roosevelt was born until the when she died. Eleanor was born in a fine townhouse on October 11, 1884. From the start, she has had many disappointments in her life. Her mother, Anna Hall Roosevelt, neglected Eleanor for her brothers and her alcoholic father, the only one who ever cared about her, went to a sanitarium in an effort to control his alcoholism. Soon after that at the age of eight, Eleanor’s mother fell sick and died. Next, at the age of 10, Eleanor received word that her father had died. Soon after that, Eleanor’s brother, Elliot, caught diphtheria and also died. During the span of 18 months, Eleanor had lost half her family. After that, Eleanor and her younger brother, Hall, were sent to their grandmother Hall where they had a strict lifestyle. When Eleanor was 15, Grandmother Hall sent Eleanor to Allenswood, a boarding school in England. There Eleanor, who had been timid and scared her whole life, began to change. She gained confidence and started believing that she wasn’t an "ugly duckling" as everyone called her, but now could be a beautiful swan.
After she left Allenswood at the age of 18, Eleanor obediently went to dances and parties to take her "social place" as her grandmother directed. However, Eleanor also

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