Effects of the Tet Offensive Essay

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For nine years, the United States were hell-bent in achieving their rightful victory in Vietnam, however, destiny had different plans for them. The Tet Offensive is considered the turning point of the Vietnam Conflict because of the fact that the Vietcong and North Vietnamese Army surprised the U.S and South Vietnam with several sporadic attacks. Consequently, many effects from these attacks were expected, not only for America, but for North and South Vietnam as well. With U.S citizens’ opinions quickly turning against U.S. involvement in Vietnam, South Vietnam faced much disaster. Its government was stricken with humility because of the increased abandonment of their army, leading to the inability to protect its citizens. On the other …show more content…
American support for the conflict continued to crumble and the nation’s opinons concerning U.S. involvment in Vietnam became exceedingly separated. South Vietnam faced similar consequences, however, theirs were a bit more serious. The Tet Offensive had a profound psychological effect on all South Vietnamese due to the violence and undesirable outcome of the conflict. Saigon, the country’s capital, was overtaken for a short period of time by the NVA and VC, thus, ridding citizens of all their confidence. Hope was also lost because the government was unable to protect its citizens, even with the support of the United States (Arnold 90). “In the Northern part of South Vietnam, the city of Hue was taken over by the V.C. and executions of city officials and their families took place”, thousands of civilians were reported to be executed (Dennison). South Vietnam was also deprived of their morale from its army’s increased abandonment rate. With their army shrinking rapidly, much hope of keeping a firm stance began to disappear (Arnold 90). As the Vietnam Conflict neared an end, “Vietnamization” was taken into effect. It was a plan that involved slowly removing American troops from Vietnam, allowing South Vietnam to stand on its own. It ended up leaving a country entirely on

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