Effects of Teen Pregnancy Essay

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An estimated 750,000 teens will become pregnant this year.(DoSomething.org). Since the early 2000’s, teen pregnancy has gone from unmentionable or taboo experience to one glorified in television and movies. Teen pregnancy is the heart break of America and the people it will affect. Nine out of ten people know someone who has or will become pregnant and end up going down a path of no return. Teen pregnancy ends dreams and lead teens down path of hardships, and emotionally disparity. This example has caused some people to look down on this fundable trend. Effects of teen pregnancy are homelessness, government, health problems, population, and parent’s involvement. Teen pregnancy can be looked down at as discuses, and irresponsible …show more content…
On the website teenwire.com facts about safe sexes were posted to help teens be more informed. This, in turn, led into Planned Parenthood. With a big increase in teen pregnancy many government funded programs have been put into place. Programs of this sort became an open door to teen pregnancy. Some teens feel like if they become pregnant that the government will help them out financial. Examples of these programs are, LIVESTRONG, and Department of Social Service. From this government is taken a risk as getting looked upon as approving teen pregnancy in this country. Every time the government gives a mother or guardian help with assists they are making the world debt go up. Over all since teen pregnancy has gone up, so has child support. Some teen mothers feel if they cannot keep their child’s father in a relationship with them than, they will use the next best thing the child.
Every time a child gives birth to a child they are losing their and their children. “Rates for teen pregnancy in the U.S. are two times higher than any other industrialized democracy and continue to present many problems for society.” (Jones 92) . When looking at the statement people can see that warning signs are popping up with bright red flashers around teen pregnancy. “With teens pregnancy so high, most children born to teen mothers often have birth weights below 5 ½ pounds, placing these infants in a high-risk

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