Effects of Sleep Deprivation on the Academic Performance of DLSL Accountancy Students

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“Lack of sleep should no longer be considered a traditional adolescent rite of passage because it can have serious consequences” (McCann, 2008).
Students should not make it a habit to stay up late at night. Porpova (2013) claims that chronic sleep deprivation in adolescents reduces the brain’s capacity to learn new information and can lead to emotional issues like depression and aggression. Also, an article of Hackethal (2013) has shown that sleep deprivation might affect the frontal lobes of the brain which controls decision-making functions. Even teenagers still need to get enough sleep to avoid suffering the consequences of being sleep deprived.
According to Peri (2010), sleepiness slows down one’s thought processes and it impairs
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With most DLSL Accountancy students’ overwhelming academic requirements, staying up late at night has been a common scenario which leads to sleep deprivation. This is concluded based on their experiences which are all over Facebook and other social media sites. Most of them disregard the effects of being sleep deprived to their physiological and psychological functioning in order to finish academic requirements.
Whether positive or negative, sleep deprivation has a significant relationship with regards to academic performance. The authors of this research focus on the effects of sleep deprivation on the academic performance of DLSL Accountancy students. This research also contains supplementary information about the nature of sleep deprivation. In addition to these, the health implications of being sleep deprived – may it be psychologically, physiologically, emotionally, or socially – will be discussed briefly.
The objective of this research is to enhance the understanding of how the quantity of sleep affects the academic performance of students, specifically, DLSL Accountancy students. This research aims to provide its readers more information about the nature of sleep deprivation and its health implications. Likewise, this research’s purpose is to show the importance of having enough sleep to better academic performance.
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