Effects of Hip-Hop and Country Music on Society Essay

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From my point of view, when people today are asked what forms of music they enjoy, some might say all forms except hip-hop or all forms except country. When they are asked why, some may say because it’s either to boring or too provocative. I believe that both hip-hop and country music both bring some form of negativity on society, not only in America, but all around the world. Some of the most common negative effects that I believe they might bring on society are violence, such as abuse, suicide, and/or drugs and alcohol.
In a article “Rap Music's Psychological Effects”, written by Suite 101, studies were conducted to assess how listening to hip hop effected teenagers and young adults, and found that overall, that listening to rap
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If you take a look at what effect country music has on society compared to hip-hop music, it shows in studies that Professor James Gundlach found higher rates of suicide and depression among those who listen to country music. However, Gundlach notes that the suicide link occurred only with older country music, which he believes is not as upbeat as today’s. From what we have read, I think that increased acceptance on country music shows that it has more of a negative effect on society when it comes to violence.
Let’s take it a little further and look into how hip-hop music promotes young adults and teenagers to construct in drugs and alcohol. From my perspective from what I’ve watch on television on a station called the Black Entertainment Television (BET), I feel that hip-hop videos such as the rap kind promote alcohol and drugs the majority of the time. A survey that was conducted at a California Community College found that young people who listen to hip-hop use alcohol and drugs and engage in violent behavior, so this raises serious questions as to whether or not rap and hip-hop should be used to market alcoholic beverages. Then again if we look at what effects country music has on society when it comes to alcohol and drugs, country music advertises substance abuse, but only to alcohol. Country music also tends to reference it more in their songs. It seems that even though both topics influence

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