Effects of Five Life Factors on an Individual's Development Essay

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In this unit, I will be explaining how the five life factors effect the development of an individual. I will also explain how two predictable and unpredictable life events influence an individual’s development. Many events take place in an individual’s life which influences their development and these can be both positive and negative on the development. Positive events would be; getting married, having children, recovering from an illness and making friends; however, there are also many negative events that can take place such as; failing an exam, divorce, losing someone and getting an illness. All these events can take place during ones life and can have a large affect on an individual’s development. There are five main events that I …show more content…
The most common type of chromosomal disorder is known as trisomy 21, or Down syndrome. In this case, the child has three chromosomes at the site of the 21st chromosomes instead of the normal two.

Physically an individual with Down syndrome may look different to the rest of us as their facial characteristics include a round face, slanted eyes and a thick tongue. Individuals with Down syndrome may also face other physical problems including heart defects and hearing problems. Nearly all individuals with Down syndrome also experience some type of intellectual impairment, but the exact severity can vary dramatically. No matter the severity of the syndrome, early intervention can result in much better outcomes, allowing many people with Down syndrome to care for themselves and gain more independence. By looking different physically they may encounter a lot of prejudiced during there lifetimes and misconceptions may occur as well as people stereotyping just on seeing them. Intellectually the Down syndrome can leave them vulnerable as they are able to be independent but are still unable to do many common tasks.

However, emotionally an individual with downs syndrome can be very emotional therefore a majority are very unstable and vulnerable. Socially a majority of people that are effected by down syndrome are quite open and trust to easily therefore are easy to get along with however one has to tread carefully as not to get frustrated or angry . It can

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